IT Services

Network Design & Deployment (Data/ VoIP/ Security)

Complete end to design, architect and deploy employing the latest industry approved designs for Data, VOIP, Security, Wireless and server infrastructure.

Network Discovery Gap Analysis

In depth quantitative and qualitative gap analyses which defines the current state of infrastructure as compared to future stable and industry approved state utilizing industry best practices.

Infrastructure Documentation

As We know proper documentation infrastructure is an essential part of keeping your infrastructure healthy, we can help provide you the map of all your network using dynamic mapping tools. We provide end-to-end network visibility.

PCI DSS Compliance

PCI compliance documentation, security analysis, gap analysis. Help organizations meet PCI -DSS requirement.

Log Optimization

Review logs, backup logs, log analysis for security breaches.

LAN Cabling (fiber and Copper)

Provide structural LAN cabling solution (Copper and Fiber Optic)

Network Security Analysis

Complete security gap analysis using vulnerability and penetration testing tools such Nessus, nmap, wireshark, kismet. Create complete security analysis report.

QoS Design and Implementation

Quality of services analysis, determining which applications are business-critical and require special treatment.

Wireless LAN

Provide Wi-Fi site survey, design and implementation

LAN Optimization

Unlock the Future: Elevate Your Business with Next-Level Digital Transformation

In the age of rapid technological evolution, taking your business to the next level requires more than incremental changes – it demands a complete digital transformation. Are you ready to embrace the future and revolutionize your operations, customer experiences, and market reach? Welcome to the era of next-level digital transformation

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